Clinics & Virtual Lessons: Unleashing Your Equestrian Potential

At The Mindful Equestrian, I offer transformative clinics and virtual lessons designed to unleash your full potential as a rider. Drawing from the principles of The Unleashed Equestrian model, my services are tailored to foster a harmonious connection between rider mindset, position, aids, and technique.


Whether you’re part of an IHSA or IEA team, an adult rider, or a coach, my clinics address the unique challenges faced in the ring. With a focus on feel and relationship, I move beyond the rigidity of fixed positions to a fluid understanding of each horse’s needs. For adult riders, I offer support in overcoming life’s stresses, nurturing confidence, and reigniting the joy in riding. Sessions may include private, semi-private, or group formats, with an optional group mindfulness seminar to delve into strategies for overcoming mental blocks.

My approach at The Mindful Equestrian is to provide clear, upfront pricing, so you can focus on what truly matters – developing your skills and deepening your connection with your horse.

Pricing for clinics is based on the number of riders and the type of clinic session. To accommodate different group sizes and needs, I offer a tiered pricing structure, with special rates for groups of more than ten riders.


If distance or time constraints make it challenging to attend in person, my virtual lessons bring the clinic experience to you. Utilize live sessions via Zoom or PIVO, or opt for video reviews, to enhance your riding technique and mental acuity. Our BETA offering includes a three-lesson package, complementing your existing training regimen, and personalized with an initial consultation to align with your goals. Plus, I offer email support for continuous improvement.

My virtual lessons are priced affordably to be accessible to riders across the globe. For a limited time, I’m excited to offer a three-lesson BETA package, which includes a comprehensive initial consultation, video reviews, and follow-up email support.

Start Your Virtual Training – Enroll in our virtual lessons starting at $225 for a limited-time three-lesson BETA package, including continuous email support.

What People Are Saying

{I was looking to incorporate more mindfulness and sports psychology into my team training. I think the biggest think I took away as a coach was to focus on the learning mindset- no matter if things went as hoped or became more "learning moments" in the show ring. I now try to have my students focus first on the positive of their rides and instead of getting upset and hard on themselves (and myself, for that matter) when things aren't perfect, use that to see where to focus our training energies. I think the attitude in competitions is way better on all sides and the kids can get less stressed. I am less concerns with mistakes and try to help them figure out what skills they need to work on at home to improve performance. The most positive takeaway from the clinic was learning to create a positive mindset and learning focus. Being in the right headspace and being able to calm yourself is so important in riding. Everyone can benefit from a clinic with Lisa. I knew all of these things from my own psychology background, but it's so easy to forget when you're in a competitive environment, but when your focus stays on the process, you can never lose!
Joanna Novakovic
Cornell University Women’s Varsity Equestrian
{My trainer encouraged me to participate. I hoped to gain new experiences and knowledge. I rode with Lisa not long after a tough fall. She helped me regain my confidence and focus. I try to remind myself of all the things I learned or improved on and use them with my rides. If I put my horse right to work it helps both of us focus. I take away so many helpful things after each clinic. I get great advice and learn something new with each clinic and they continue to help me grow with my riding. Lisa is very kind and understanding. She is easy to talk to and makes me feel comfortable. I can ask questions and she always has the perfect answer that helps me move forward.
Morgan (11yrs old)
Horse Heaven Stables
{I was excited to have Lisa help my clients work thru showing nerves and preparing them for our summer show schedule. I love now using some simple jumps/poles throughout show course we set at home for the riders to take a breath and regain confidence. Since the clinic, I now try to always start and finish with the positives! I learned to be more positive and create more of a dialogue with my riders. Lisa gave all my riders skills and confidence to pursue new goals and cope with the ups and downs of horse shows.
Hannah Duffy
Duffy-Housel Group Inc.
{I was looking to unlock my body and tap into my horse more through riding in a clinic with Lisa.. I learned to communicate better and be more effective., as well as attempt to let go of some of my perfectionism. In trying to unlock myself, I inadvertently was able to unlock the horse. I remember the feeling of power and freedom beneath me when I was able to effectively balance us both. I often remember that feeling as I am able to recreate it now with most my equine partners. I have been able to find that same feeling on multiple different horses and use the techniques taught to help bring my young ones further along. I have noticed that I am more looking to reward the small things within the ride. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Make any small improvement for the horse a big deal and they will generally improve quicker and understand better. I learned to stop trying to be perfect, and allowing yourself to make mistakes is how you learn and grow. I also learned to be patient and remember the horse had no idea what your asking for, so it’s important to remain calm and reward the small stuff. I have learned to help students by leaving more room for them to feel and not try to over explain and take away from their ability to be independent thinkers and react based on their feel. A clinic with Lisa can be mind-opening and a good way to get an outside perspective to allow for more growth.
Victoria Hartson
Prime Equestrian
{Lisa provides coaching for not only businesses but while you are in the saddle as well. We did a lesson over the phone through video- call and it was really great to have her insight all the way in Florida!
Amanda Orlando
Orlando Sport Horses, LLC.
{Lisa came to Morrisville State College in my sophomore year, 1998. I didn’t have a lot of contact with her, but she taught an elective, basic dressage class that I had decided to enroll in. That class gave me more confidence in my riding and made it fun again. Lisa became the head instructor of the hunt seat specialization at Morrisville for my junior year, and that was a major factor in staying for the then brand new Bachelor’s Degree program. My final two years at Morrisville were so busy but well worth it. I learned so much under Lisa’s tutelage and watchful eye. She gave me the confidence and motivation to join the hunt seat IHSA team after not having made the team in my freshman year. At my final IHSA show, I was first in the flat and third over fences. Lisa also gave me the confidence to mentor others. As the only junior in the program at the time, I was expected to manage the underclassmen while doing barn duty, as well as manage most of the care for several of my project horses. Now, I am a professional and USHJA certified trainer, and the coach of Brockport College’s IHSA team and a young IEA team, managing and owning my own facility that we’ve built from the ground up. I use many of the exercises that Lisa used with us. I have her out every year for a clinic and my students all rave about her. She builds confidence, helps the rider think through a problem, and is a wonderful coach. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Lisa’s help and I’m so grateful for her continued influence!
Jolene Hasseler
Sweet Release Equestrian Center
{My students struggle with nerves and anxiety before classes, especially those doing IEA, and I needed some tools to help them. Not only did Lisa address riding issues that may make riders feel less confident in the ring, she also gave them tools to help their mental wellbeing. They now have tools to deal with both the mental and physical issues in riding both at the barn and away at shows. We’ve had Lisa back a few times since our first clinic and every time we all walk away with new ideas to combat anxiety as well as new things to work on with our riding.
Lindsay Lindke
Hunters Ridge, Inc.
{St. Lawrence Stables was proud to host Lisa Eklund this past weekend for a clinic on Mindfulness while riding. Her teaching on breath work, body scan, deep connection between horse/rider, mindful riding and more created major “ah-ha” moments for each rider and auditor during their time with Lisa on Saturday. Our riders now have new tools in their tool box to use while riding at home and in competition, and a new outlook on their time in the saddle. What a great day of barn friends, excellent conversations and new learning! We highly recommend her to every discipline of riding!
Whitney Roberts
St. Lawrence Stables
{My daughter and I took a ‘mindful equestrian’ clinic with Lisa. Little did we realize how much our riding concerns, and habits, were so conditioned by the way we thought and spoke to ourselves! She taught us how to verbalize both our successes and challenges as we performed a task, empowering both of us to recognize, and potentially change, our cues to our horses and our relationship to them. We left the session feeling more in control of our riding. We highly recommend ‘mindful’ riding!
Julia Czerniak
Affinity Farm
{I met Lisa in a clinic I participated in at Platinum Stables, a stable I ride at. I read up on information about Lisa, and knew immediately that I wanted to be apart of the clinic. I am very glad I did. For about a year now, I have been struggling a lot of fears for riding a horse, especially jumping. I had a rough fall two winters ago and ever since have been scared to jump a horse. Lisa helped me understand that I can’t fight my fear, that I have to befriend it. That I have to accept that it is there, and understand that my fears are real. My confidence level has since increased, because I grew to understand that my fears are legitimate and that they’re just something that I can’t keep pushing away. I have to work with them, and continue to work harder. Thank you very much Lisa for coming and teaching many students at Platinum Stables many different lessons. I hope to see you soon!
Lexi Pellerin
Platinum Stables
{Lisa has been doing clinics at our facility for a few years now and I always look forward to them and walk away with something new to work on and a better insight to problems I have when riding. Though I have no nervousness or fear when I ride I tend to ride too much and over think things therefore getting in my horse’s way. Lisa has helped me find other ways to channel my energy when I ride so that I can ride smarter instead of harder and allow my horse to do her job freely. She’s very kind and personable and very easy to understand and work with. I would very much recommend her clinics and will be doing more with her in the future. My horse and I have become a better in-sync team since working with Lisa and look forward to using what we’ve learned in the show ring and at home!
Grace Lipker
Horse Heaven Stables
{My main problem is self-confidence. The feeling that I can always do better, and need to make things perfect. Also, I have anxiety when riding my leased horse in the winter/spring, when he is more “exuberant”, versus during the summer/fall when he is an angel (for the most part). I began to focus on the good or positive things and not zero in on the negative. Learned to take a deep breath and slow everything down, in order to change negative outcomes, or make them less negative (if that makes sense) . My riding has become much better, and my outlook in general. There are times I find myself using some of your techniques on others that are having a negative/depressed moment. (Think about the good things, etc.) This program would work for all types of people. It’s interesting to see how others work through their struggles each in their own way. We may all have a similar struggle, but we work through it in a different way, and that’s ok.
Renee Stobie
Horse Heaven Stables
{I remember telling Lisa that I thought I was doing pretty well for an old lady beginner. Her comment was keep your cup half full. Her comment really perplexed me as I thought I was being positive about my progress. It finally dawned on me that my comment was passive aggressive cup half empty. This was a turning point. No need to compare myself to others. I needed to stop making excuses about my (lack of) riding skills. I now focus more on what is getting better and on what I am actually learning. When something doesn’t go right I use it to learn from instead of put myself down. This results in less stress (mentally and physically) and a lot more fun as I learn to ride AND in everyday life. Concrete results- I see the progress in myself and my horse and continue to have a blast! On the days when things aren’t going well, or there is a frustration, feelings of doubt, I remind myself, “cup half full” which keeps me from falling into a funk of hopelessness and/or failure. I am more relaxed, less self-conscious, laugh more and am a much happier rider person. Thanks Lisa!
Anne Davis Lowe
Sweet Release Equestrian Center
{I feel I have gained a better acceptance for being where I am at with my horse. I don't feel that intense stress or pressure to be perfect and honestly, I am able to enjoy my time at the barn and riding so much more. I was able to apply many of Lisa's teachings about riding and mindfulness to my day to day and what a big help. Lisa's teachings go so much further than ones relationship with the horse and helps us humans turn in to ourselves to find the solution to most all of our 'issues'.
Brooke Barnhart
Taylortown Equine

Performance Coaching Combo

For an integrated experience, combine virtual lessons with one-on-one performance coaching. This dual approach allows for immediate, in-the-moment guidance while riding, and off-horse strategy sessions to equip you with the tools for success. Customized packages, combining one on-on-one coaching fees and virtual lesson fees ensure a perfect fit for your individual journey.

Embrace the opportunity to become a creator in your riding, work through fears, and develop confidence that transcends the arena. The Mindful Equestrian is here to guide you towards an unbridled expression of your equestrian spirit.

Invest in your equestrian growth and the harmony with your horse

Let’s Craft Your Coaching Experience – Because the combination of virtual lessons and performance coaching is tailored to each individual’s needs, pricing will vary. Get in touch for a personalized package that resonates with your aspirations. I am committed to working with you to design a package that suits your unique goals and budget.

Investing in your equestrian growth is investing in the harmony and success you share with your equine partner. Let’s work together to craft the perfect coaching experience for you.