I was looking to unlock my body and tap into my horse more through riding in a clinic with Lisa.. I learned to communicate better and be more effective., as well as attempt to let go of some of my perfectionism. In trying to unlock myself, I inadvertently was able to unlock the horse. I remember the feeling of power and freedom beneath me when I was able to effectively balance us both. I often remember that feeling as I am able to recreate it now with most my equine partners. I have been able to find that same feeling on multiple different horses and use the techniques taught to help bring my young ones further along. I have noticed that I am more looking to reward the small things within the ride. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Make any small improvement for the horse a big deal and they will generally improve quicker and understand better. I learned to stop trying to be perfect, and allowing yourself to make mistakes is how you learn and grow. I also learned to be patient and remember the horse had no idea what your asking for, so it’s important to remain calm and reward the small stuff. I have learned to help students by leaving more room for them to feel and not try to over explain and take away from their ability to be independent thinkers and react based on their feel. A clinic with Lisa can be mind-opening and a good way to get an outside perspective to allow for more growth.