My main problem is self-confidence. The feeling that I can always do better and need to make things perfect. Also, I have anxiety when riding my leased horse in the winter/spring, when he is more “exuberant”, versus during the summer/fall when he is an angel (for the most part). It was fun to experience it with people I currently ride with, as well as new people. Talking about our issues/concerns/etc. with you, as well as, commiserating with each other helped me to realize my “problems” are pretty common. It was nice to have your reassuring input, and wonderful new techniques to try when having issues or even use before they arise. I began to focus on the good or positive things and not zero in on the negative. Learned to take a deep breath and slow everything down, in order to change negative outcomes, or make them less negative (if that makes sense) .
My riding has become much better, and my outlook in general. There are times I find myself using some of your techniques on others that are having a negative/depressed moment. (Think about the good things, etc.) It was interesting to see the dynamics of our group. We had members that were bubbly and out-going, some that didn’t want to talk about themselves at all, and others that were reluctant at first, but broke out of their shell by the end. Some of the “homework” was hard at first, but by the end was starting to become second nature. Recording a video and talking about oneself is not easy . This program would work for all types of people. It’s interesting to see how others work through their struggles each in their own way. We may all have a similar struggle, but we work through it in a different way, and that’s ok.