When I started the Mindful Instructor program, I was hoping to gain some tools to help riders deal with mental blocks of riding. I now feel like I have a better understanding of ways to help riders through their mental blocks. At first there was a lot of information and it seemed overwhelming, but the program was organized in a way that it was easy to read a lesson, do the worksheets and apply it to my lessons. Sharing experiences with other trainers. I now think more during lessons about way I could help a rider struggling and remind them to stary positive even if they didn’t necessarily love their ride. Everything was organized and easy to follow. I liked the dialogue we were all able to have. It was helpful to hear other trainer’s problems and hear how you helped them navigate those issues. I think this work is perfect for trainers, riders and even parents! Anyone who has some mental blocks, including off the horse. This program met my expectations and more!