I was looking to build a stronger, more positive mental mindset and learn how to embrace my fears and, lean into them as growing experiences. I realized that I need to be ok with things I’m working through, put in the work to become mentally stronger.
Having a coach guide and support me kept me focused on growing interpersonally. I’ve been riding for six years and have owned by horse for two years. I had an accident one year ago . Since then, it’s been a journey to overcome that fear of falling off and hurting myself again. The PTSD was real and it flooded my brain with all sorts of stories including IF my horse was the right match for me. At the time of the accident, I owned him for one year.

I’ve worked hard over the past year to take things in spoonfuls. I have learned to break down how to get my horse checked into me when he’s scared and for me to manage my own anxiety and stay as calm as possible in the moment. The trust has been building slowly with my horse over the past year and I feel more connected to him as I better understand how to get him checked into me when he’s spooking. It’s not an overnight change and we have much room to grow (as this never stops). But, I feel a much stronger connection with my horse as I’ve been able to bring more confident support to him with the anxiety managing skills I’ve learned to apply in riding. Staying calm and not sending my anxiety energy to him is key and the biggest challenge for me.

Lisa supported me, listened to me and validated what I was feeling. She gave tools and homework to work through anxious feelings. It really never goes away, but with practice, can feel less overwhelming. Having a coach to talk to who understands what you are feeling is freeing and helps to unlock those feelings so you can lean into them and grow.