I contacted Lisa as I was feeling a great deal of anxiety about jumping. I started riding in my early 50s and had only been taking lessons a few years. I was feeling very anxious about jumping as I was riding at an eventing barn. Since working with Lisa I feel like I am listening more to the horse I ride in my lessons.

There is truly no downside to the coaching especially as Lisa helps with mindfulness for broader application to life. She taught me also a lot about riding which was great, especially as a new rider. But I imagine for people riding throughout their lives, Lisa’s skill set is so deep and vast that she is an asset to anyone interested in a more mindful approach to their riding and life. Lisa has such a pleasant demeanor, very caring and thoughtful. But she also makes you work to think through things that really helps when you are serious about mindfulness. It can’t be delivered on a silver platter but if you work with Lisa, you will have a healthier mindset for riding and life in general.