I was looking to incorporate more mindfulness and sports psychology into my team training. I think the biggest think I took away as a coach was to focus on the learning mindset- no matter if things went as hoped or became more “learning moments” in the show ring. I now try to have my students focus first on the positive of their rides and instead of getting upset and hard on themselves (and myself, for that matter) when things aren’t perfect, use that to see where to focus our training energies. I think the attitude in competitions is way better on all sides and the kids can get less stressed. I am less concerns with mistakes and try to help them figure out what skills they need to work on at home to improve performance. The most positive takeaway from the clinic was learning to create a positive mindset and learning focus. Being in the right headspace and being able to calm yourself is so important in riding. Everyone can benefit from a clinic with Lisa. I knew all of these things from my own psychology background, but it’s so easy to forget when you’re in a competitive environment, but when your focus stays on the process, you can never lose!