I met Lisa Eklund as a student at Morrisville State College, when I was entering the Equine Science and Management Program as a transfer student. While riding and training under her watchful eye, we often had to just get it done! Having a combination of green horses, horses with varying pasts, and seasoned show veterans, we were instructed to ride them all as if they were good, moving forward through and out of the turn, looking where we are going, and riding off our eye. Establishing this mindset early on brought success, and when we doubted it is when the issues would arise. Now that I have left this program, and I have ventured into a different aspect of the equine industry, I can tell you that this philosophy still holds true. I have been successful as a rider, as a farm manager, and now in the retail sector of the industry, and the same principles apply: look forward, move forward, and keep your eyes up!