I sought out coaching because I am a first-time business owner. My objectives were to become more definitive about what my business would represent and how it would operate to its fullest potential. Through the coaching I have discovered that your approach (to business, horse training, people, finances, the list goes on forever) begin with your thought process and it is easy to become consumed in the ocean of life. We have delved into finessing the approach behind many situations to analyze the best way to proceed forward in the future. This has allowed me to look forward to what comes! Lisa also provides construct approaches to building the business as it progresses. This includes where to start, what steps to take next, planning on how to take the steps, and proper execution of the plan; including managing bumps along the way! When I started with Lisa my goals were something I jotted down on the computer. She asked me to write down what exactly I would want, all the way down to the gritty details of what it would look like. It is amazing how things can work out. As I have gone along with having her coaching I think she has really pushed me to succeed in many ways.

I like that the meeting is wherever you are! In the bustle of the horse business there isn’t a lot of flexibility for scheduling so it is nice that it can happen mid-day while I’m riding, in the wash stall, mucking, etc. I would definitely recommend it because this is not an easy job and it is really nice to have someone to encourage and help when things seem impossible. My biggest achievement is not a specific moment but the overall growth and development I’ve experienced with Lisa’s coaching. Breakthroughs have come through managing difficulties with mindful thinking and being able to handle the surprises of the horse world with confidence. Lisa has pushed me to expand myself professionally in order to grow my clientele.