Welcome to the speakers’ platform at The Mindful Equestrian, where we explore a spectrum of topics that shape your equestrian and professional journey. Here, you’ll find insightful talks that blend riding expertise, mental strategies, and business acumen.

Whether it’s enhancing your performance in the saddle, developing a strong mindset for life’s challenges, or navigating the intricacies of equestrian business, these sessions are designed to inspire, educate, and transform. Join me in-person or online for an enriching experience that goes beyond the arena.

Benefits and Outcomes of My Programs and Talks

My coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a journey of personal and professional transformation. You’ll learn to:

Mindfulness & Mindset Tools

Gain improved focus, reduced stress, and a stronger connection with your horse.

Mindfulness Practice

Achieve greater presence in daily life and riding, enhancing overall well-being.

Change Management

Develop strategies for embracing change, leading to personal and professional growth.

Unleash Your Potential

Break free from conventional methods, enhancing creativity in riding and training.

Business Mastery

Acquire effective business strategies, boosting profitability and work-life balance.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Learn innovative business and marketing techniques for equestrian enterprises.

Program Details and Insights.

Rediscover the Joy in Riding: Mindfulness & Mindset Mastery for Adult Riders

Join this transformative talk aimed at adult riders eager to reignite their passion and confidence in riding. Explore the remarkable effects of mindfulness on your connection with your horse and the profound impact a growth mindset can have on performance. Learn about The Mindful Equestrian’s innovative methods to enhance technique, deepen horse-rider bonds, and elevate your mental approach. This session offers practical tips and tools, suitable for all disciplines and experience levels, to foster confidence, connection, and joy in your equestrian journey.

Mindfulness for a Fulfilling Life: Beyond the Saddle

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness in this engaging talk, designed for everyone, riders and non-riders alike. Delve into effective mindfulness practices that enhance your presence and awareness in all aspects of life. Learn how these techniques can improve your interactions, whether with horses or in everyday situations. Gain insights into establishing a consistent mindfulness practice that nurtures well-being and deepens connections in all your endeavors. This session, rich in practical advice, is a standalone experience, valuable for anyone seeking a more mindful and enriched life.

Create Your Path to Change: Embrace New Possibilities

Are you seeking change in your riding, business, or personal life, but find yourself hindered by the fear of the unknown, the need for perfection, or a return to comfortable habits? “Create Your Path to Change” is a transformative talk designed to help you find clarity and direction. Learn how the mind works, the power of shifting mindsets, and the science of neuroplasticity. This session will guide you in identifying and challenging underlying beliefs, fostering new, positive responses to life’s situations, and crafting a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Unveiling the Judge’s Perspective: Equitation and Performance in the Show Ring

Discover the key elements judges look for in equitation, IHSA, IEA, and performance classes with “What the Judge is Looking For.” This informative talk focuses on understanding the judge’s viewpoint, common mistakes, and essential tips for success in the show ring. Learn about position, style, aids, technique, and connection in the Equitation Division, as well as scoring insights for Hunter Division classes. Whether you’re competing in IHSA/IEA or regular hunter/equitation events, this session can be tailored to offer practical strategies, a positive mindset, and a plan to improve your performance.

Unleash Your True Potential: Rider and Trainer Transformation

Discover a new realm of equestrian excellence in “Unleash Your True Potential: Rider and Trainer Transformation.” This insightful talk challenges traditional riding and training methodologies, encouraging you to explore beyond the conventional focus on position and technique. It’s an invitation for riders and trainers to become creators, embracing a growth mindset and seeing mistakes as valuable learning moments. For trainers, this talk is an opportunity to lead and inspire clients using The Unleashed Equestrian model, focusing on the synergy of Mindset, Position/Technique, and Horse Connection for transformative results.

Unleash Confidence in the Show Ring: Horse Show Strategies

Elevate your horse show performance with “Bring Your Best Game: Horse Show Strategies to Build Confidence in the Show Ring.” This talk focuses on merging mental skills with physical and riding techniques for a holistic approach to competition. Learn the art of taking the focus off yourself and tuning into the needs of your horse. Gain insights into developing a mindset that respects and listens to your equine partner, thereby enhancing your performance and building confidence in high-pressure show environments.

Mindful Mastery for IEA and IHSA Riders

Join “Riding Your Best: Using Mindfulness and Mindset Tools for IEA and IHSA Riders” to unlock the full potential of team competition. As a coach, judge, and clinician experienced with IEA and IHSA, I bring unique insights into the challenges of riding unknown horses and thriving in a team environment. This talk goes beyond just improving technique; it delves into building a deeper horse-rider connection, enhancing feel, and overcoming confidence barriers. It’s a blend of mindset coaching and practical riding tips, tailored to help you navigate the nuances of competing with unfamiliar horses.

“Empowering Equestrian Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Success”

Dive into “Empowering Equestrian Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Success,” a talk specifically crafted for those navigating the unique challenges of the equestrian business world. This session focuses on empowering entrepreneurs with strategies to thrive in a competitive market. Explore innovative business models, effective marketing techniques, and sustainable practices that balance passion with profitability. Learn to leverage your unique strengths, create impactful client relationships, and drive your business towards long-term success. Perfect for equestrian business owners seeking to refresh their approach and stand out in the industry.

Unleashing Professional Equestrian Excellence

Step into a new realm of business success with “Unleash the Best Professional Equestrian in You!” This talk is a lifeline for equestrian professionals trapped in financial stress and overwork. Embrace The Unleashed Professional Equestrian model to redefine your business approach, addressing financial worries, work-life balance, and innovative marketing strategies. Break free from traditional constraints, leverage setbacks for growth, and lead with confidence. It’s about building a Sustainable Success Mindset, establishing Efficient Business Foundations, and adopting Outside-the-Box Strategies, all tailored to elevate your equestrian enterprise.

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