Life Coaching Choices

I will partner with you on your journey to become the best rider you can be, helping you find the tools that work for you to be more mindful, mentally focused and more in tuned with your horse. You will learn strategies to overcome the roadblocks to your riding success whether you ride for pleasure or competitively. Though my training specialty is in hunters and jumpers, the performance coaching is for all disciplines.


One-on-one Coaching

– Tune Up –

Sign up today for your 30 minute discovery call to learn more and get more clarity about what changes you want to make in your life.

Have you been busy taking care of the needs of others and neglecting your own self-care? Do you get distracted in your day with worries about your daily life, confidence and self-judgment? Do you have a generally positive mindset but are having trouble staying focused? You know you have a great foundation but you just need that boost to get you moving forward with clarity and focus.Take some time for you!

One month of one on one coaching including (3) 1 hour calls and email support.

– Break Out Of The Gate –

Sign up today for your 30 minute discovery call to learn more and get more clarity about your coaching needs.

Do you feel stuck in rut and can’t figure out what the problem is? Do you have a mental block that is preventing you from moving forward in life? No matter how hard you try, you feel like can’t get any traction to make changes in your mindset and life. Are you stuck and afraid to move forward because you want everything perfect or just don’t know where to start? Get unstuck and break out of the gate in this 3 month coaching program! You will discover what your mental blocks are and learn skills to break through those blocks.

Three months of one on one coaching including (3) 1 hour calls/month and email support.

– Hitting Your Stride –

Sign up today for your 30 minute discovery call to learn more and get more clarity about your coaching needs.

Do you want to really dig in and make some major shifts in how you approach your life? Do want to feel that steady rhythm and flow that will support you no matter the circumstance.Hit your stride and find your best self in all aspects of your life! This package will include deeper life coaching to help you make the major shifts you are looking for in your life.

Six months of one on one coaching including (3) 1 hour calls/month and email support.

Life Coaching Group

Would you like to gain better mental focus and confidence in your life? This is an opportunity to do so and at the same time gain the benefits of a group coaching experience. You will get coaching at a more affordable rate, become a member of a team who will support you in your journey and celebrate your successes, brainstorm with a group, learn from others, share ideas, hold each other accountable and make new life long connections!

I have been blessed to work with group of other women and coaches to help support me in my life development. So I developed this group coaching to help today’s women in their journeys to gain more confidence in their life pursuits. The purpose of the group is not for me to coach you all the time , but instead be a facilitator for all of you to bring together your expertise, support, thoughts, struggles and needs that you have in your life. I will bring my coaching skills along but you will all be the ones in the driver’s seats.

Each group has 8 teleclass sessions over 4 months. The first session is a get to know each other session. The next 6 would be set up so that each person in the group gets the opportunity to bring a topic to discuss for your week that is important to you. The final session would be a wrap up.

These would all be done via phone through Free Conference Call and be recorded so that if you can’t make a call for some reason, you can still hear the call at a later date. Even if you were on the call you will be able to go back and listen again at any time if you choose. I will also be setting up a closed Facebook group that will be ongoing, where you and future group members can stay in communication with one another.

The next group will begin in January 2020. Please fill out the contact form to get on the list for the next session. I will contact you with more information and add you to the list if the class is not already full. If it is full you will be added to the waiting list for the next session. The exact start date for the January sessions has not been set but sessions will be held on Monday evenings.

Here is a link to an article explaining the value of being part of a coaching group.

I am looking forward to meeting a new group of women and being a part of you all supporting each other in your success!

The fee to join this great opportunity is $129.

Seminars and Talks

Seminars and talks about being a living a mindful life and finding mental focus are offered. These can be tailored to your group’s needs. I love working with women to help them find their best path in life and create the changes they want!