Shifting your perspective to a positive, confident, competitive mindset.

At The Mindful Equestrian, every aspect of coaching is about creating a personalized path to success, whether it’s in the saddle, in the arena of your professional life, or on the path to self-improvement. My blend of coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting is tailored to equestrians who are ready to turn their goals into achievements. By incorporating life coaching into every interaction, we ensure that the lessons learned extend far beyond riding – they enrich every facet of your life.

Coaching with me is a partnership built on trust, active listening, and mutual commitment. I’m here to help you articulate your dreams, overcome obstacles, and unleash the potential within. Together, we’ll craft a plan that not only addresses your immediate goals but also equips you with lifelong skills for mindfulness, resilience, and fulfillment.

I bring to the table a wealth of experience and a keen ear for listening – because while I’ll offer guidance and insight, your story, your values, and your vision lead the way. With a solid foundation in personalized coaching, let’s now explore how these principles can support your personal growth and life satisfaction through our life coaching services.

Life Coaching for the Equestrian Community

Life coaching at The Mindful Equestrian is a holistic experience tailored not just for competitive riders, but for every equestrian—amateurs, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike. It’s about supporting you across all areas of life, whether you’re seeking personal development, career advancement, or a better work-life balance.

Tailored Coaching for a Balanced Equestrian Life:

For the amateur rider, life coaching might mean finding harmony between passion for the sport and everyday responsibilities. For the equestrian entrepreneur, it’s about navigating the intricacies of business ownership while maintaining personal well-being. And for the professional, it might involve career growth or transitions that align with your evolving goals and lifestyle.

Holistic Growth Beyond the Arena:

Our coaching relationship will be a dynamic and supportive partnership. Here, we focus on nurturing a sustainable success mindset, building resilient life foundations, and embracing innovative strategies that apply both in and out of the arena. We’ll delve into the core of what makes your life as an equestrian fulfilling, identifying and breaking through barriers that hinder your growth.

Empowerment and Action:

With guided questioning and actionable planning, you’ll be empowered to take charge of the changes you wish to see in your life. We’ll work together to ensure that your actions align with your deepest values, and that every step taken is a step towards a more enriched life.

Navigating Change with Confidence:

Change is the only constant, and embracing it can lead to the most rewarding chapters of your life. Whether you’re adapting to new roles in the equestrian community or seeking fulfillment in other aspects of life, our coaching will provide you with the tools to navigate these transitions with confidence and positivity.

{I feel I have gained a better acceptance for being where I am at with my horse. I don't feel that intense stress or pressure to be perfect and honestly, I am able to enjoy my time at the barn and riding so much more. I was able to apply many of Lisa's teachings about riding and mindfulness to my day to day and what a big help. Lisa's teachings go so much further than ones relationship with the horse and helps us humans turn in to ourselves to find the solution to most all of our 'issues'.
Brooke Barnhart
Taylortown Equine
{I met Lisa Eklund as a student at Morrisville State College, when I was entering the Equine Science and Management Program as a transfer student. While riding and training under her watchful eye, we often had to just get it done! Having a combination of green horses, horses with varying pasts, and seasoned show veterans, we were instructed to ride them all as if they were good, moving forward through and out of the turn, looking where we are going, and riding off our eye. Establishing this mindset early on brought success, and when we doubted it is when the issues would arise. Now that I have left this program, and I have ventured into a different aspect of the equine industry, I can tell you that this philosophy still holds true. I have been successful as a rider, as a farm manager, and now in the retail sector of the industry, and the same principles apply: look forward, move forward, and keep your eyes up!
James Sardelli
Founder, Director, CEO at The In Gate
{I decided to look into coaching because of an unpredictable life change that I felt would jeopardized the longevity of my current career in the horse industry. Before starting the process I felt a bit stuck and sightly overwhelmed at the thought of a career change. I was hopeful that maybe a couple coaching sessions would help guide me in the right direction. A couple of coaching sessions has turned into 3 years of coaching and I plan on many more! Lisa has helped me overcome and work through all the different things life can throw at you! The experience with Lisa exemplifies the profound impact that dedicated coaching can have on individual growth and the realization of one's full potential.
Abby S.
Wellington Fla.

Transparent Pricing for Life-Transforming Coaching:

Investing in your well-being and personal advancement is invaluable, and understanding the cost is essential. That’s why I offer transparent pricing for my life coaching services, providing you with all the details up-front. You’ll have the information needed to make an empowered decision about embarking on this life-changing journey. For a clear view of the various life coaching packages and what they include, take a look at our Coaching Packages PDF.

If you’re ready to deepen your connection to what truly matters and create a life that reflects your passion for equestrianism while achieving personal and professional satisfaction, I’m here to guide you. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.