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Welcome to  Group Programs & Courses at The Mindful Equestrian, where each offering is crafted to enhance your journey, both in and out of the saddle.  At The Mindful Equestrian, I believe that every rider, entrepreneur, and equestrian professional holds the keys to their own success. My range of group programs and courses are meticulously crafted to help you unlock your full potential through the power of community, expert guidance, and the transformative Unleashed models. Whether you’re looking to refine your riding mindset, elevate your equestrian business, or enrich your teaching methodologies, my offerings are designed to catalyze real change. Dive into experiences that blend the joy of equestrian life with powerful learning and personal growth.

Harnessing Collective Wisdom: Our Group Programs

My group programs are the heart of collective growth and shared journeys. Based on the proven Unleashed models, each program is tailored to inspire riders, energize entrepreneurs, and empower instructors. Engage in immersive sessions that cultivate mental skills, business acumen, and teaching excellence. These live, interactive experiences provide not just strategies and skills, but also the support of a community that understands your challenges and celebrates your victories. Explore upcoming programs to find the perfect fit for your aspirations, or join our waitlist to stay informed about future opportunities to grow with us.

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Ready to leap into your next adventure?  Stay updated on our latest offerings and be the first to know when a new group program launches. Whether you’re seeking to join a cohort of riders focused on mental skills or entrepreneurs ready to leap forward, there’s a place for you here. Check out my upcoming group programs designed to transform your equestrian journey. If there are no active group programs at the moment, please join the waitlist. You’ll receive updates on upcoming opportunities to ensure you never miss out on the chance to advance your equestrian journey. Let’s ride together towards excellence.

Your Course to Success: Learn, Grow, Succeed: Unleash Your Potential at Your Own Pace

Step into a world where self-paced learning meets equestrian expertise with our online courses at The Mindful Equestrian. Each course is a unique blend of in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and the transformative principles of the Unleashed models, all designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of equestrian mental skills, expand your business strategies, or enhance your teaching techniques, our courses provide the flexibility to learn and grow on your schedule. Embrace the opportunity to transform your passion into progress, one lesson at a time.


Unlock your equestrian potential with the ‘Unleashed Mindful Riding: A Mini Course’. Delve into the foundational pillars of Mindset, Position/Technique, and Connection, transforming your riding into an intuitive dialogue with your horse. Gain confidence, finesse in the saddle, and a deepened bond with your horse. This course offers key insights and practical exercises for $25, setting you on a path to mindful mastery and joy in every ride.

Unlock strategic business growth with our Unleashed Mindful Business Mastery course. Designed for the forward-thinking equestrian professional, this mini-course offers a deep dive into innovative strategies that transcend conventional approaches. It’s about reimagining success, leveraging smart business foundations, and embracing adaptable, out-of-the-box thinking. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate financial challenges, optimize work-life balance, and lead with confidence. Transform your equestrian business into a thriving, sustainable venture for just $25.

Dive into the ‘Build Your Riding Confidence, Feel and Joy Self-Study Program’, a six-module course meticulously designed to elevate your equestrian experience for $97. This program combines in-depth mental strategy tutorials with practical riding techniques to enhance your confidence, refine your connection with your horse, and bring back the joy to your riding. Each module is crafted to challenge and expand your understanding, allowing you to progress at your own pace. From developing a resilient mindset to mastering the nuances of equestrian feel, you’ll gain lifelong skills that translate beyond the arena. Sign up today to start a transformative journey that reshapes the way you think, feel, and ride.

Empower your teaching with the Mindful Instructor Self-Study Program, a comprehensive six-module journey priced at $97. Dive into a curriculum designed to enrich your coaching methods and enhance your students’ learning experience. This self-paced course delivers insightful strategies, blending mental skills training with practical equestrian coaching techniques. Discover how to foster a growth mindset in your riders, improve communication, and cultivate a deeper connection between rider, horse, and instructor. You’ll gain tools to transform not just your students’ riding, but also their confidence and joy in the sport. Join the course today and start shaping the mindful riders of tomorrow.