At The Mindful Equestrian, every aspect of coaching is about creating a personalized path to success, whether it’s in the saddle, in the arena of your professional life, or on the path to self-improvement. My blend of coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting is tailored to equestrians who are ready to turn their goals into achievements. By incorporating life coaching into every interaction, we ensure that the lessons learned extend far beyond riding – they enrich every facet of your life.

Coaching with me is a partnership built on trust, active listening, and mutual commitment. I’m here to help you articulate your dreams, overcome obstacles, and unleash the potential within. Together, we’ll craft a plan that not only addresses your immediate goals but also equips you with lifelong skills for mindfulness, resilience, and fulfillment.

I bring to the table a wealth of experience and a keen ear for listening – because while I’ll offer guidance and insight, your story, your values, and your vision lead the way. With my shared commitment to tailored coaching, let’s pivot to the Unleashed Professional Equestrian model, where I apply these same principles to elevate your equestrian business and set you apart in the industry.

Business Coaching for Equestrian Entrepreneurs

In the equestrian world, the line between passion and profit can often blur, making it challenging to enjoy the fruits of your labor. At The Mindful Equestrian, I recognize that while your love for horses is what brought you into this field, the ultimate goal is to run a profitable, efficient business that allows you time for yourself and your passions. My business coaching is centered on this balance—enhancing your bottom line while enabling you to rediscover joy and fulfillment in your equestrian business.

Innovative Strategies, Tailored to the Equestrian World:

Whether you’re running a farm, offering equine services, or developing equestrian products, my coaching is designed to enhance your business acumen and strategic vision. I draw on years of experience as a business counselor and equestrian professional to help you create a business plan, conduct market research, and master marketing techniques that resonate with the equestrian community


Grounded Growth, Mindful Management:

I employ mindfulness techniques to help you remain focused and adaptable, crafting a step-by-step plan for your business’s future. This approach ensures that you stay grounded while tackling financial planning and market positioning, all tailored to the unique rhythms of equestrian business life.

Stand Out from the Crowd:

As we work together, you’ll learn to think outside the box, develop your business identity, and cultivate resilience. The goal is to support solopreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs alike in building a thriving business that not only stands out but also sustains a balanced lifestyle.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

Investing in your professional development is crucial, and clear pricing is part of that commitment. You’ll find straightforward details on what to expect from our coaching partnership, with no hidden costs. For a full overview of business coaching packages and their inclusions, please view our Coaching Packages PDF.

Are you ready to transform your equestrian business or career with a coaching approach that brings real innovation and personalized success strategies? Let’s chart your course to professional excellence.

What People Are Saying


As a first-time business owner, I sought out coaching to become more definitive about what my business would represent and how it would operate to its fullest potential. Through Lisa's coaching, I have discovered that your approach begins with your thought process. Lisa provides constructive approaches to building the business, including where to start, what steps to take next, planning, and proper execution.

I would definitely recommend it because this is not an easy job and it is really nice to have someone to encourage and help when things seem impossible. My biggest achievement is the overall growth and development I've experienced with Lisa's coaching. Breakthroughs have come through managing difficulties with mindful thinking and being able to handle the surprises of the horse world with confidence.

Amanda Orlando
Orlando Sport Horses, LLC.
{I can’t express how much Lisa has helped me grow my business, because of her I am so much more confident and comfortable in who I am as an instructor/professional business owner and what I have to offer. She has been a great resource, not only for improving my personal riding skills, but also that of my students. I frequently bring Lisa in for clinics, this allows her the chance to view my student’s progress/any struggles they are having. After conversation at the end of the sessions, she helps me come up with lesson plan to bring their riding to the next level or help them overcome mental road blocks. I also frequently reach out to Lisa to help me problem solve, when I am dealing with a difficult client situation. She helps me understand their point of view, but also verbalize my response to them in the way that will keep communication professional.
Renee Stobie
Horse Heaven Stables
{I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa since 2013. Her mindful approach to teaching and life in general really hit home with me. She has acted as a mentor as I grow my business, Affinity Farm, Inc. Her guidance is always upbeat, concise, and inspiring. She has helped me to look at my life holistically and find areas where I need to focus and strengthen. Lisa has also conducted clinics for my students and IEA team. She teaches with patience, clarity, and directness. Students come away feeling inspired and challenged.
Kim Allen
Owner/Trainer of Affinity Farm, Inc
{I participated in one of Lisa’s Equine Professionals Mastermind groups. A group of professionals spoke on a conference call weekly. Lisa was a great coach and helped us feel comfortable sharing and discussing our businesses and ways we could grow. Lisa created an environment that allowed for a great experience for all of us. It was a wonderful experience, friends were made and the networking with other professionals was invaluable. We all need guidance in our lives and I really enjoy Lisa’s approach as a coach. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend Lisa and the Mindful Equestrian to anyone from amateurs to professionals.
Val McCloskey
VLM Equestrian