The Mission

 The mission at The Mindful Equestrian is to offer riders the opportunity to enhance their performance and well-being through mindfulness techniques and building on their riding and life skills.


The Vision

My ultimate vision is to help make this a better world by making positive shifts in the lives of my clients through my coaching them in their riding and life.

The focus and core values of The Mindful Equestrian are:

  • Living a mindful life by not staying stuck on events of the past or creating imagined outcomes in the future.
  • Inspiring clients to practice mindful riding and mindful living
  • Following an ethical path of honesty and Integrity
  • Coaching with a positive, optimistic and open-mind
  • Combining passion with perseverance = GRIT
  • Excellence in teaching and coaching
  • Ensuring accountability in coach and client
  • Finding balance in work and play