Lack of confidence is really a symptom of another problem.

When I teach a clinic, I ask riders what types of mindset blocks/struggles they have. A common answer is lack of confidence. Lack of confidence is often seen as a problem in riding, and this is my approach on how you can build your confidence.

I always ask a second question of riders when they say confidence is a problem. I ask them what is it that is causing their lack of confidence. Because lack of confidence is really a symptom of another problem. Lack of confidence can be caused by one of many things. It could be from a physical fear from falling off, a fear of being judged by others, a fear of making mistakes and not being perfect or a fear of losing control to name a few.

Before you can build your confidence, you need to peel away the layers and discover what it is that is the root of your confidence problem. To do that, you need to become mindful and aware of what is going on when you feel that lack of confidence. It is important to do this without self-judgment. Just notice what is happening and what is triggering the lack of confidence. It will take time, patience, and self-compassion to figure out what is going on. Once you figure out the root of the problem you can then work towards creating a change and a shift in perspective around your trigger.

Don’t judge yourself about having limiting beliefs.

Once you have taken time to bring awareness to what triggers your confidence problems you should eventually discover what the root cause is. Be patient, as this can take time and requires you to be vulnerable and open to limiting beliefs you may have. Don’t judge yourself about having limiting beliefs. We all have them. All they are, are just that, beliefs. Beliefs are not true 100 % of the time, nor do they define who we are. We take on beliefs throughout our lives from the people around us and from media and society.  They have been hard wired as habits in our brains. Some beliefs are limiting and don’t serve us well. Whatever is causing you to have a lack of confidence is a limiting belief. The exciting thing is that you can rewire your brain to more empowering beliefs.

Think of how you would feel and what you would achieve if you didn’t have this limiting belief!

Once you have determined the belief that is holding you back, you can see how the belief limits you and gets in your way. Really connect to this not, just mentally, but physically. How does it make you feel to believe this and what is it you can’t achieve because of the belief? Then think of how you would feel and what you would achieve if you didn’t have this limiting belief. Connect to this mentally, emotionally, and physically as well. The brain has a rewards center and when it recognizes something beneficial it will begin to create a new habit to gain that reward. This takes time and is easier done in small steps. If you can pick a small issue that is controlled by the limiting belief and practice with that first, it will be easier when you address the bigger issue in your riding. Remember to do all this without self-judgment and with patience.

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