Without this riders can never become truly feeling riders.

So much of what is taught today in riding is about position, and technique. That certainly is important to know. But there is a tendency to teach in a do as I say way, creating riders who become followers. Riders work hard to practice all they are taught, yet they often feel stuck, not making any progress.

What is missing in this approach to teaching is encouraging riders to become more self-aware about what they are feeling physically and emotionally and how to open themselves up to create two way communication with their horses. Without this riders can never become truly feeling riders.

So where does intuition come in?

So where does intuition come in? Someone who is intuitive is able to let go of overthinking and truly connect to the “knowing” of what they are doing. They are mindful and aware and they observe everything, using all of their senses. They are able to sit in solitude to really be with and know themselves and use this knowing in their daily lives. Intuitive people are not afraid to be creative and try new things. They have a deep awareness their bodies and the messages they hear from their bodies.

You would become a feeling rider.

Imagine developing your intuition and using it in your riding. You would become more relaxed and aware of yourself and your horse, developing an open line of communication back and forth. You wouldn’t just learn technique, you would be creative with what you have learned and put it to work to gain a deeper knowing of the purpose of all you have learned. You would become a feeling rider.

The Mindful Equestrian program offers a balanced approach to training equally addressing position and technique, developing the rider’s mindset and intuition and showing riders how to create two way, compassionate communication with their horses. Contact me at lisa@mindfulequestrian.com to learn more about how you can work with me.