Shifting your perspective to a positive, confident, competitive mindset.

It is important before you take any action to pause.

As a coach I often work with people who feel stuck and when working with them I support them in getting unstuck and taking action. But it is important before you take any action to pause and reflect on what is happening with you, and when it is about riding, you should also reflect what is happening with your horse. The pause allows you to become curious about what is happening in the situation and within you. One way of being stuck is when you immediately react in a situation instead of pausing, looking at what is going on and then developing a thoughtful response. This can happen in a variety of ways.

You can take this time to become deeply curious about how this reaction makes you feel.

Maybe you quickly go to self-judgment and a negative mindset when something goes wrong. Immediately you begin to blame yourself and feel bad about what occurred. If you stopped that reaction and paused for a bit you could take the time to learn a lesson from what happened and then put in strategies to create positive change for the future. You can take this time to become deeply curious about how this reaction makes you feel. This curiosity has to be approached with lightness and fun, not with heaviness and frustration. This approach helps you to break the cycle of reactive and frustrated behavior. Instead you think,” This is interesting, what is going on here and how does this make me feel?” Hmmmm….”What result do I get from this behavior?” “What reward might I like instead and what behavior change might I have to do to get that reward?” Then you can move forward with a plan to make positive change.

We seldom take pauses just to check in with ourselves

Another way of rushing to reacting is when something, such as your saddle is damaged or not working for you and you decide to immediately run out and buy an expensive one without doing your due diligence in research. With some research and no rush you will be likely to save money and get the right saddle. You might find in your research that you don’t need a new saddle as a simple repair would do or maybe the saddle is not the problem with your riding after all. Again, curiosity in the time of pause will lead you to a more desired result.

Life itself is very busy these days and we seldom take pauses just to check in with ourselves. That pause in the busyness of life is an important form of self-care. It gives us time to just be with ourselves, tap into how we feel, what we need, what is going well and what isn’t. It allows us time to rest and renew and plan for the best path ahead of us for the future.

 These are just a few examples where taking action in a hurry can keep us stuck in a rut of behavior. Taking tie to pause, create awareness, shift perspective and create positive change can save you stress, time and money as well as create growth in your riding and self.