Much of the work I do is in helping riders become more mindful in their riding in order to help them find better mental focus, identify and let go of limiting beliefs and break through mental blocks. I take great joy in this, both when teaching lessons and in doing one-on-one and group coaching. It is wonderful to see riders relax and begin to enjoy their rides. I love hearing their stories when I am doing my private and group  coaching sessions on how applying these  mindful techniques brings riders more confidence, new insights, better feel and connection with their horse and joy to their riding.

But there is another outcome from my work with riders that brings me even more joy. That is how working with their limiting beliefs, blocks and struggles in their riding leads them to deep self-discovery. They usually begin their work with me to gain confidence in their riding and through that work they begin to see how their struggles in riding are paralleled in all areas of their lives. So once the work begins on their riding struggles and they begin to see growth and improvement in their riding, they also notice how things begin to improve in life in general. They discover that they can apply the mindful tools and techniques they learn to use in riding to all aspects of their lives. So their mindful riding journey becomes a first step and learning ground for a holistic mindful life journey.

I just love seeing this evolution and the freedom and joy that comes from it!  I truly love helping riders build mindfulness, confidence and joy in their riding and it is something I will always do. But what a wonderful opportunity I have in front of me to use teaching a mindful riding practice as not an end but a beginning to a whole life mindful practice building confidence, success and joy.

Do you see a common thread in your riding struggles and in other parts of your life? Would you like to make that first step and work on applying mindfulness techniques and practices to your riding and continue the journey and apply them to your whole life? It’s a win-win for sure! Take the first step on your journey and schedule a free discovery call!