Gremlins latch on to the stories we have created about our big goals.

I am writing this as I think about my business and all the big things I want to accomplish. I am working on a new business coaching business and creating a website and programs for that. I am also planning some new programs for The Mindful Equestrian. (Stay Tuned!!!!) I have some big goals in mind and some days I feel like I am getting no traction. Yes, I have many of the same gremlins that run through my head as you do when I am trying to make progress with my goals. Fortunately I also have learned some strategies to help me turn many of the gremlins into cheerleaders when the stories I create in my head begin to spin relentlessly around not being good enough or not doing things quickly enough

What do I mean by turning the gremlins into cheerleaders? Gremlins latch on to the stories we have created about our big goals. My goals I mentioned above. Yours may be winning ribbons at an upcoming show, jumping a course of jumps at a certain height or any one of a number of riding goals. Gremlins can sneak into our heads telling us we aren’t moving fast enough, we aren’t as good as others, who are we to believe we can accomplish these goals, what if we fail and on and on. My gremlins are around will my businesses be successful. Yours grow around your need to be successful and achieve your goals as well. We start doubting our abilities and can only focus on our end goal. We begin to lose track of enjoying the journey and what is happening right now. The gremlins can get so loud that we don’t notice all of the small successes we have achieved and we stop learning from our mistakes. These small successes are the necessary building blocks and steps along our path to our main goal. The noise of the gremlins drowns out our ability to stay present and focus on our daily achievements. This noise stops us from connecting to the joy and purpose of why we do what we do and from improving and growing.

Notice your smaller daily achievements and celebrate them.

So how do you begin to turn your gremlins into cheerleaders? It’s not always easy but it can be done. First you need to become aware of what are the roots of the stories you are making up. When the gremlins get loud it is often good to stop and breathe and be quiet. Take a break from trying to achieve and do something that brings you back to the moment like meditating, going for a walk, cooking, gardening or some other favorite pastime. It can be taking a relaxing trail ride with your horse and just getting away from the training and practice. Whatever it is, begin to be curious about your gremlins. Don’t push them away, as that actually allows their grip to be stronger. Try and understand what is causing them to get so loud. Maybe you fear failure, think others are judging you or think you aren’t good enough. Whatever the cause is, don’t beat yourself up for it. Be compassionate and think of how you could shift your perspective to a different outlook when these feelings come up.

Then begin to enjoy what is happening right now. Notice your smaller daily achievements and celebrate them. For me it has been breaking the website into parts and celebrating each small part I get done. I send it to my coach/website designer. I celebrate that I took that action to get closer to my goal. I have often had to revise a section and completely change it. But that is okay as I celebrate the fact that I am in action. As I celebrate my small, daily achievements the gremlins get quieter and become cheerleaders. They don’t always go away. I am human and will continue to create stories that challenge my confidence to achieve my goals. But I now notice when it happens. I then sit with what is going on to discover why I am thinking a certain way. Then I start focusing on the steps I need to accomplish my journey and celebrate each one I take. I become my own cheerleader.

Become your own, best cheerleader.

Each time you ride focus on what has gone well. It may be small things. Even in a “bad” ride there is much to learn. Become curious about what is working and why and also what isn’t and what needs to change. Then pat yourself on the back for staying in the moment and enjoying your journey. Celebrate and cheer for each small success. Learn from your mistakes and celebrate that as well. Your gremlins will begin to quiet down and you will soon become your own, best cheerleader.