Shifting your perspective to a positive, confident, competitive mindset.

Change can be so scary for many reasons. Underlying beliefs can prevent us from moving forward into change and from continuing the process of change when things get tough. I know this from my own experience. I have made many changes in my life, so I am not a stranger to change. I have learned over the years to be thoughtful about major changes and not just jump into something because I want to move away from something I don’t like. I have also recognized that I default to my comfortable place when a change I have made seems to be getting risky, scary or tough. Looking back, I realize that sometimes that has prevented me from some potentially wonderful opportunities, if I had just stuck with it. But I have also learned it is best not to attach myself to regrets, but instead use those experiences as lessons to help me move forward in the present. Letting go of regret is hard work but worth the effort. It is an up and down process but each time you can let go it gets easier the next time.

Successful change is a process, not a reaction.

It’s important not to jump into change. You should really do some self-reflection and understand what is going on and where you truly want to go. First you need to create an awareness around what it is you want to change. Then it’s time to discover your blocks to change. What are the underlying beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward? Is it a fear of failure, lack of confidence, a need for perfection, worry about the judgment of others or a need to always be in control? These are just a few of the beliefs that can block you from change.

Once you gain the awareness around your blocks you can then begin to change those beliefs. Understand that this is your path, it’s nobody else’s. Your path may look very different than others and that is okay. Don’t follow a path just because that is what you think will please those around you. Discover what your mindset its and what about it that may be preventing you from moving into change. Also realize that you can shift your mind and thinking. The science of neuroplasticity has discovered that the brain can change it’s default thought patterns if you are willing to work hard at creating new beliefs. I will do a follow up post on neuroplasticity and mindsets and go into it in more detail. But for now, just know that it is possible to change your thought patterns.

Create a mindfulness practice.

Creating a mindfulness practice through meditating, journaling, walking in nature, cooking, gardening or some other reflective quiet practice can help you find that awareness and clarity as to where it is you want to go. These quiet times are when you can look at yourself without judgment. Just lean in and look. Discover what is going on and what beliefs and habits you would like to change. Find the path that is right for you.

Putting it into action.

Begin to define where it is you want to go and what it is you want to do. Create an intention about how you want to live going forward. What is so nice about creating intentions? is that they are a way of being more than dong. They don’t have an endpoint. You want to create definable goals as well. But understand that some goals may not be achieved at all, they may change significantly or your timeline to your goals may move as you go along. That is okay. That is why change is a process. It’s fluid. There will be ups and downs and surprises. But if you create a vision for what you want, a road map for where you want to go and an intention for how you will walk through life as you move along your path you will able to manage any roadblocks that come along. You will prepared for them ahead of time.

Where in your life do you want to make change?

This process can be applied to any area of your life. You may want to make a change in your riding, your career, your business or your day to day life. The process of being mindful and more aware will begin to give you clarity around what it is you would like to change and what type of change is most important to you. Remember this is your path. Don’t let the judgment of others or self-judgment prevent you from going where you truly want to go. This doesn’t mean you can’t have mentors and teachers or get feedback from others. Use the advice you get to help you find the path to change that is right for you. Take the advice that works a let go of what doesn’t.

Coaching can support you through change.

I find passion in supporting others as they find their best path to being their best self. I focus my coaching on adult equestrians, equestrian entrepreneurs and equestrians who want to create change in their careers and lives.  My background in the equestrian world, coaching, education and business counseling is a unique blend of experience that I hope can be of benefit to many!  I am also planning some exciting group coaching offerings that will make coaching more affordable. But the best part about group coaching is the community, the knowledge and experience that the whole group can bring to the sessions. Contact me if you would like to know more and start your new path to change!