I often write about change and how to embrace it instead of pushing it away.

This month I want to share that I am planning on making some changes with The Mindful Equestrian, both in its branding, approach and offerings.

In my other job as a business counselor I? encourage and support clients not to be afraid to make changes in their business and that it is good to be open and pay attention to what clients may want and need.

I also encourage clients to not wait until something like their website, business cards, social media pages, etc. is perfect before they launch. The need to be perfect blocks any kind of forward motion. You need to get in the trenches and try things and then see what works and what needs to be changed. This is the same with riding. If? you wait until you are “perfect” before you go to a show or do whatever goal you desire, you will stay right where you are and never move forward.

This will be the 4th revision of my website and a continuation of many? smaller changes I have done along the way. I am doing this, as I want to make it easy for you to find what you need from The Mindful Equestrian’s offerings and that those offerings are what will serve you best.

I am still in the planning stage of this. I would like to ask you for feedback on what type of offerings and services you would like.

My plans right now are to more clearly define the different type of clients I serve. Right now I see that as:

1. IEA and IHSA team riders.
2. Adult riders past college age.
3. Trainers, instructors and other professionals.
4. People seeking life/career coaching.
? ? ? ? ? ? There will be also business coaching designed just for equine related businesses.

Under each category I will offer:

1. Some simple and easy to use course offerings and resources.

2. One on one coaching by phone

3. Group coaching, classes and mastermind groups all by phone.

4. Some combination of teleclasses, group and one on one coaching.

5. Clinics, talks and workshops will still be available.

I plan on incorporating Facebook groups with many of these offerings so you can all connect with group members.

Please send me any feedback in the comments or by email at lisa@mindfulequestrian.com as to topics you would like offered around performance coaching, life coaching and business coaching. Also, let me know what you think about the different client categories and coaching formats. I am very open to suggestions as I would like to tailor what I do for your needs.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you! I am so excited about the change!