Do you aspire to be perfect in everything you do? ?

What type of successes have you had with perfection? None, I am sure, as perfection is really not possible. But the aspiration to be perfect is driven by a lot of good intention. Someone who wants to be perfect is always trying to do well. But often they are also stuck in place, because in trying to be perfect, they never take any chance that may prevent that perfect outcome. Striving for perfection also leads to a lot of frustration, since the goal is unattainable. That frustration then prevents learning from mistakes. Mistakes are perceived as reasons for self-judgment instead of opportunities for learning and growth

How can you maintain your desire to do your best work and move past the need for perfection?

Shift your perspective to doing just that, your best work on that day. Each day and situation is different and as long as you are doing your best, you will get the best outcome for that moment. Then look at your outcome, without judgment, and analyze what went well. Focusing on the positive aspects of an outcome will help you build on the positive for next time. Then look at what you would like to change and learn as much as you can. Get a better understanding of any mistakes or missed opportunities, focusing on what wasn’t working and what changes could be made, letting go of any blame or regret.

How can you maintain this practice?

As you go forward, apply the new changes and repeat the same cycle of doing your best, building on what is working, adjusting what isn’t without blame or judgment, and learning and growing. When you feel the need for perfection welling up, don’t beat yourself up for it. Just sit with it, be aware, let go and try and shift your perspective. Even this practice is not perfect. Nothing is. Learn from what works and what doesn’t, hold yourself with compassion and let go of self-judgment. Your will begin to feel a great sense of freedom and peace each time you do so.