What is an intention? It is not a goal or resolution. Focusing only on goals and resolutions can often be disappointing if they are not met at the intended time. That is because they are very specific and often not reached. That does not mean you shouldn’t have some goals but if you have an intention as to how you will achieve your goals you will likely have better results. An intention is not specific to one thing or have an end date. It is more a way of being and walking through life. Because’there is no?end point to it and it is hard to measure specifically, it leads to less disappointment. Here is an example of a goal and?a related intention. A goal might be, by the end of my summer showing season I will be able to get good distances to all of my jumps at the horse shows. That is a pretty big goal and you may well be disappointed if it is not achieved. Instead, you could have the intention of riding with more focus and paying attention to what is happening with the horse underneath you every time you?ride. There is no end point to that intention and there is no bar that you have to meet to achieve success. You could have immediate success with that intention today. In the long run that focus and attention to the horse will most likely reward you with more consistent distances on your courses.

You can set intentions in all parts of your life. Think of intentions you can set at home, in your relationships, at work and in all parts of your life. What intentions will you set today? I would love to hear back from you with your thoughts!