This past Sunday I was scheduled to judge an Interscholastic Equestrian (IEA) show, when a significant winter storm warning was announced. The drive to the farm where the show was to be hosted was about ninety minutes right through the warning area. The show organizer and I were in touch as to the possibility of rescheduling the date, but there really was not another good day to do it. So, the show was on! I knew the drive to the show would be fine as the warning was for a mid-morning start but the one home might well be tough.

Off to the show I went! My drive there was so easy and I did think about my drive back. But the great thing was I didn’t worry about it too much. My mindful practice has really helped me to stop myself when I start going down the path of creating and worrying about scenarios that probably won’t occur. Instead I laid out a plan for my return route and took care of what was in my control. Throughout the day at the show I did my best to keep things moving along so that we could all get on the road and head home in daylight. The show ended at 3pm and it was time to drive home.

The start to my drive wasn’t too bad, but as I went along the road was pretty bad for long stretches. What fascinated me was my sense of calm about the whole drive. I did not worry at all about what might happen. Instead, I stayed right in the moment knowing that in that moment and each moment I was okay and managing the drive. I felt that if I drove safely the worst outcome might be that I would get stuck someplace. In that event, I had warm clothes, my phone and food and water to tide me over until help came along. I was so calm and relaxed that I drove better and actually enjoyed the beauty of the winter scenes along my way. If for a moment, I felt nervous as the roads got worse, I would come back to the present and do what I needed to do. I really recognized my mindful practice in action. The sense of awareness and peace was so freeing. My body and mind did not have to deal with all of that imaginary stress. I made it home safe and sound and relaxed. ?So, start a mindfulness practice today. You will be well rewarded!