When you feel tense or stressed, whether you are on or off your horse, take a moment and go back to your breath. You don’t need to do anything but breathe and stay focused on your breath. When your mind wanders to things you are worrying about just go back to your breath. If you start each ride walking on a relaxed rein, focusing on your breath and the movement of the horse underneath you, you will not be the only one to relax. You will begin to hear your horse breathing out and letting go as well. Your horse will lengthen his neck and lower his head. His back will relax and he will take longer steps powered by the hind end. You will also be able to feel what is happening underneath you and make needed adjustments without tension. You will begin to have have clarity and focus and start to become a feeling rider. Throughout each ride keep reminding yourself to come back to your breath. You will know when you are not breathing regularly as tension will return in you and in your horse. Look at these times without judgment and just return to your breath. It is a practice that will never be perfect but with practice it will continue to improve.