I have a new coaching business called Design Your Encore that I have been developing recently around coaching encore entrepreneurs (those over 50 with new businesses) and retirees. In my program development I have been writing that having a passion for your new business is not enough for success. There is plenty that has to be done to be successful in business aside from developing the product or service. There is lots to do on the marketing and economic side of owning a business. Often that stuff seems overwhelming, not fun, time consuming, boring or all of the above. But this part of the business can’t be ignored. A shift in perspective can make that part of what you have to do fun. Think about learning new things, opening up your world to new ideas and people and the success you will have in your business if you do the work that doesn’t align with your passion. The more you do early the easier it will get later, the more success you will have and the more time you will have to do the fun stuff.
So, why am I writing about this in my equestrian performance blog? Well, as I worked on this and thought about it, I realize this applies to riding too. Casual riding and being around the horses is often the passionate part. But working diligently on practicing the basics, paying attention to the details of your horse’s care and doing the ?dirty work? around the barn isn’t often thought of as fun. It can seem overwhelming, time consuming, boring and all of the above. But without it your horse will not be in peak condition and living in a healthy environment and you will not have the basic skills to build upon towards riding success. This also applies to working on your skills to improve your metal focus. They can seem tedious, time consuming and boring too. But a shift in perspective to a positive outlook about this work can open your world to new knowledge, a better connection with your horse, a happier, healthier horse and riding success. It does take work to be successful at your passion. As Angela Duckworth says in her TED talk, truly successful people have the quality of ?grit. Grit is passion with perseverance. The passion alone can’t get it done. So, find your grit and work at the tough stuff as well as the fun stuff. Find ways to make the tough stuff fun and you will be on the path to success!

Duckworth, Angela Lee. The Key to Success? Grit. TED. April 2013. Lecture. http://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth_the_key_to_success_grit?language=en