I have been very busy lately working on my new business, learning how to promote and market it, creating a course offering and doing my coaching and clinics. That busyness has made it hard for me to get my mind to the place it needs to be to write. I love writing and expressing my thoughts. But lately I have been trying hard to come up with an idea to write about for my blog. I have been remiss in posting on it lately. The harder I try the tougher it is to keep my mind open to the possibilities of what to write. This morning as I was thinking, yet again, that I need to come up with something I had a breakthrough! I decided writing about being stuck was the perfect topic. In doing so it will get me unstuck. That is a win-win!

As I thought more about it I realized it is a perfect topic for equestrians too. It is a pretty common occurrence to get so caught up the final product and goals of riding that times of plateaus make us feel stuck and frustrated. We begin to think we are going nowhere and making no progress. Yet, that is the time of much of our learning. We struggle with mistakes and our wheels can spin but when we stay in action and keep trying new things, eventually we learn what will move us forward. Then the breakthroughs occur.

As I am writing this I am feeling my mind and thoughts begin to flow as I am getting unstuck. I am also being compassionate with myself and remembering all of the other things I have been busy doing. So, though I may not have been writing, I have been learning and doing new things. When we feel stuck in one place it is easy to ignore the progress we have made in other areas. Now, by taking action to begin writing this article, I am moving forward. I have stopped waiting for the perfect article to take form in my mind. Instead, I just started writing and let go of the outcome.

Remember that when you get to that place in your riding where you think out are going nowhere. Just show up, be in the moment, take action, keep doing and pay attention to the lessons that are happening. Eventually you will get to the other side of feeling stuck!