Today was a cold, crisp, sunny winter day in the mid 20’s. I went for a lovely walk in my neighborhood and appreciated how my senses were brought alive by the sun, winter silence, crisp air on my skin and the beauty of the day. As I walked I remembered a poem I wrote a few years ago when I went for a walk in the woods on Groundhog Day. ?Many may complain about the cold of winter but I see beauty in all of the seasons and look for beauty in each day. As the poem says, “I think I will stay right here.”

A Winter Walk on Groundhog Day


I went on a walk today along a favorite trail.


Upon meeting a downed log I brushed off the new fallen snow and sat down for a short meditation.


As I sat in the quiet all of my senses were aroused.


I could hear the slow cracking of the branches and the rustles of the dried leaves.


My face felt the crisp cold breeze as the cold of the log came through my seat.


My eyes saw the pristine white snow and the sleeping beauty of the woods.


Simultaneously I could smell the fresh cold air coming through my nose and taste it coming through my mouth across my tongue.


I sat and appreciated this cycle of life that can’t be fully known in temperate climates.


It is a sleeping time just before the rebirth of spring, where nature, at the same time is alive, ?but so quiet.


Continuing my walk I heard and saw the energy of the rushing water down the little stream.


The prints of rabbits and squirrels went on and off the path, only ?able to be seen in the fresh fallen snow.


The ice was frozen still on the sides of the stream as the water rushed by going past bending shores that gave notice to the years gone by.


There is such peace and beauty in winter.


As I age I think about life in retirement.


I think I will stay right here.