garden buddhaThis week I decided to start networking more. This is for two reasons. One is that when I retire I will not be around people all day at work and I will need to get out and about more. Along with this, is as I have grown and changed in my life my interests have changed and I would like to get to know more like minded people who share my values and interests. The other reason is because I am starting my new coaching career and you don’t get clients in a vacuum. You need to get out and network and get to know people and get the word out so that you and your business get known. This is particularly true in coaching as it is a somewhat new, but quickly growing, industry that is not well known by the general public. So, I joined several groups on Meetup, a great online site where all types of groups, both leisure and business can be found. I connected with both types of groups and went to my first group gathering this morning.

Due to my interest in living more simply I have had an interest in tiny homes. I am not sure I will live in a 200 square foot home but they fascinate me and the idea has inspired me to eventually downsize my living space. Meetup had a tiny house group so I figured why not join. I knew I would meet interesting people and learn more about tiny homes and sustainable living. So today I had the pleasure of touring a brand new tiny home on wheels.

First off, it was beautiful and the attention to detail was unbelievable. ?It was around 200 square feet and yet it felt very spacious as the owner and builder used every square inch so efficiently. There is an amazing water filtration system that can use and filter just about any type of water and a wood burning stove that is so small but one of the most efficient ones built and it heats the whole home with no problem. There really was room for everything. There was a bath with a shower and composting toilet. The kitchen had a double sink and tons of counter space and the closet and storage space was incredible. There was a loft with real stairs and another built in couch downstairs that could turn into a bed. They really thought of everything. It was quite amazing to see.

The owners were a young couple who were doing this as their starter home. The husband did all of the research and building spending about 60 hours a week for a year on it. He had not done much building to speak of before this so the whole thing was a learning process. He is also a man who is very conscious of detail and perfection so he went above and beyond in what he did. Most of the materials were repurposed in some way but to look at the finished product you would never know.

The people I met were so welcoming and interesting as well. Some were building or having built a tiny home while others were more like me thinking they will eventually live in a very small house on a foundation with a bit more square footage but still small. We ended up visiting for an hour or so after the welcoming tour. It was quite interesting to hear the different stories they had to tell about their lives and adventures. The whole experience was way more fun and interesting than I expected it to be.

So this new path in my life’s journey is looking to be an interesting one. I am so excited for the future and so happy that the more and more I grow the less and less I am afraid of change and confronting something new. In the old days my introverted side would have made me too nervous to venture out like this. It is a good testament to neuroplasticity. You do have choices in life and you can make changes in yourself if you do the work!

Just a final note. I did not take any pictures though they said it was okay. I felt it was a bit of an invasion of privacy. The owner and builder will be doing a blog so I did not want to post photos before he does as I think that is his choice as to what to post.