In the last several years I have been going through many life transitions. I am trying to be more mindful, embrace change and look at all the lessons life sends my way. Little by little I am more at peace, happier and more open. People around me notice my open nature. Those I know have commented on it but even people I don’t know mention it as well. This open nature has offered me rich experiences and the opportunity to meet interesting people and really get to know them. Because when you are open the people around you become more open too. When you share of yourself and show yourself honestly others trust you enough to do the same. This, of course, is a great tool for my coaching but it is really a wonderful feeling to be open and feel the positive energy I receive from others.
Being open to different experiences and change is a wonderful way to be as well. Why not invite new people and new opportunities into your life? Embrace change, keep life interesting, try new things and really get to know those around you. There are many great stories to be heard. Smile and say hello to people when you pass them on the street, start a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store and send out positive energy wherever you go. You may never see some of these people again but you and whomever you meet will feel good. And you never know, you may find a new friend.

Photo credit: Nick Hunter