It is quite evident that when learning a new skill the same things we are blocked by in our day to day lives are mirrored in our struggles with the new skill. The examples are endless. Performance coaches, life coaches, career coaches, teachers, trainers and bosses at work and anyone else with a teaching role all would benefit from learning and using core coaching skills and techniques. The fabric of our lives is woven like a fine tapestry where everything is interconnected. People can gain self-awareness and have perspective shifts when trying to learn and improve a new skill. They can then take this new awareness and apply it in other areas of their lives. My love for life and career coaching has grown organically from my career as an equestrian coach and trainer. As I have opened my mind and awareness through the years and shifted many perspectives in my life, I have become a better equestrian coach and share my passion for self- growth and awareness with my students. It is a wonderful opportunity to both teach someone the new skills and techniques needed to become a good equestrian and also partner with them in in their life journey. I now look not only at a rider’s skills but I also listen closely to what they say and how they express themselves both verbally and physically. I have, through the years, improved my emotional intelligence. That has helped me become a better equestrian coach, teacher, life and career coach and self. ?Daniel Goleman explains that, ?If you’re a coach, you’ve got to engage the person, get them enthused about achieving the goal of change. Here it helps to draw on their dreams, their vision for themselves, where they want to be in the future. Then work from where they are now on what they might improve to help them get where they want to go in life.

In life can mean any part of life. It can be when working with someone learning any skill or changing any habit whether it is in day to day life, school work or in some sport or leisure activity. Coaching in any part of someone’s life can help them in the whole of their lives. As coaches we have the opportunity to help clients shift their perspectives. Since all parts of our lives are so connected each time a shift occurs the client brings that new mindset with them in everything they do. Each time this happens the world becomes a little bit better place.

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