Recently, in my role as a career coach, ?I have noticed that as my clients shift from the negative thoughts about their jobs and their current situations towards finding the right career that aligns with their purpose and core values their minds begin to open. This open state allows them to become more creative in the career they are in and more creative in their search for their new career paths. Without consciously trying they have become more mindful and therefore more open to new ideas. They opened the door to positivity and creativity and left behind all of the negative chatter about what is not working for them. They became unstuck.

When this happens their mind becomes free of unneeded clutter and they are able to come up with wonderfully creative solutions in their jobs and in their career search. ?When the negativity dissipates they are left with a positive outlook that radiates to the people they meet. This positive energy actually helps clients in their search for career opportunities. That outlook is very appealing to a prospective employer.

I have also noticed that when our minds free up we become impartial observers in our worlds. This opens us up to the lessons we can learn from our experiences and from the experiences of others. We begin to observe what works and what doesn’t. We are then aware and present enough to make thoughtful decisions and choices in our lives.

This can work in any change we want to make. A career change, a life change or a change in how we perform in any area of our lives. As?we let go of the negative thoughts and chatter and we embrace a more positive outlook our minds will free up allowing us new and wonderful ideas and experiences.

A career, life or performance coach can be your partner in helping you come to this shift in perspective.
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Photo credit: Nick Hunter