Today was the first day back to school after break. So, after a busy morning I was out at the barn teaching lessons. I decided to have easy flat lessons with a focus on letting go and being relaxed so the horse can relax. Everyone wanted to keep a tight control of the horses as it was cold and windy and they had had a long break. One rider is always concerned about her horse spooking at one end of the ring so she cut the end off and holding a tight feel. I made her sit deep and back and put her hands forward and leave him alone. When she did that he stopped spooking. But she fought so hard giving up that control. When she continually did that she got the same nervous horse and bad results. When she left him alone he relaxed, moved beautifully and everything just flowed. Another life lesson I feel. We often want to keep a tight grip on things in life and stay rigid in our thoughts and expectations and we get the same negative results again and again. When we relax and let life flow and go with that flow we can enjoy the beautiful movement and opportunities that come our way.