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Mindfulness is the practice of being present in every moment, not worrying about what was or what might be. A mindful person is able to focus on what is happening right now with themselves, maintaining low stress and a higher ability for top performance and higher quality of life and self-care.

The benefits from performance and business coaching can also be carried to day to day life, since we mirror the same issues in our riding that we do in other areas of our lives. Mindfulness then becomes a whole life practice and success tool.

The Mindful Equestrian services have expanded from equestrian performance and life coaching to business coaching as well. My focus is on helping women equestrians, who are also entrepreneurs, either in the equestrian industry or some other entrepreneurial pursuit. I understand the equestrian mindset and the need to be connected to horses and the equestrian community. I also understand the ins and outs of being in business and the entrepreneurial mindset. So it is a win-win situation!

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I’m an equestrian performance coach and a hunter/jumper clinician and trainer. I am also a business coach/consultant for equestrians and an equestrian life coach. My personal journey and passion for mindfulness and self- awareness has lead me to develop a unique style of coaching, consulting, teaching and training. I blend traditional equestrian training techniques with mindfulness training and performance coaching. My 35 years of experience and training in the equine industry, my business experience (both as an entrepreneur and consultant), combined with my training and certification (Certified Professional Coach CPC) from the International Coach Academy give me a strong foundation in both training, consulting and coaching.

My diverse background and interests have enabled me to create a blended teaching and coaching style that incorporates specific riding techniques, business skills and mental coaching support. I love understanding the science behind how things work, but I also am comfortable with relying on my intuition, instincts and feel. I am always searching for new ways to look at things and try not stay stuck in one way of teaching, coaching, consulting and training. I apply what I learn from my self-growth to my professional growth and my coaching and consulting. I enjoy supporting my clients in their journeys. I understand the equestrian life for both professionals and amateurs. It is that understanding that enables me to connect with you in your riding, business and life.

Throughout the years, I have had some major life upsets which made me look inside myself for the strength to move forward and the grit to make changes. Grit is a favorite word of mine. The quality of grit has allowed me to move forward in life no matter the circumstances and to embrace change My mindfulness practice has taught me the benefit of pausing in this moment and staying with what is happening right now. As your coach/consultant I will partner with you to find and use your grit and to develop a mindfulness practice in order to help you make the changes you need . I am excited to have the opportunity to with you on your journey towards mindful living and great success.

What People Are Saying

I've known Lisa professionally for over twenty years. She has participated at our farm, Evergreen Stables, as a clinician instructing our students and helping them achieve greater goals with their horses. Lisa has a profound way of teaching students to 'listen to' and feel what the horse is 'telling' them. She motivates her students to think, encouraging a symbiotic relationship between horse and rider. Her teaching and coaching is a reflection of her mindfulness and how it is intertwined with her students, horses and life in general.
Suzanne McGowan
Evergreen Stables
Lisa has helped me find other ways to channel my energy when I ride so that I can ride smarter instead of harder and allow my horse to do her job freely. She's very kind and personable and very easy to understand and work with. My horse and I have become a better in-sync team since working with Lisa and look forward to using what we've learned in the show ring and at home!
Grace Lipker
Horse Heaven Stables
I remember telling Lisa that I thought I was doing pretty well for an old lady beginner. Her comment was keep your cup half full. Her comment really perplexed me as I thought I was being positive about my progress. It finally dawned on me that my comment was passive aggressive cup half empty. This was a turning point. No need to compare myself to others.
Anne Davis Lowe
Sweet Release Equestrian Center

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