Transform Your Riding, Equestrian Business, and Life

Are you diligently following the rules in your riding or equestrian business but still feel stuck? The secret to breakthrough isn’t just in adhering to the foundations but in transcending them to create your unique path to success. This is where The Mindful Equestrian steps in.

I’m Lisa Eklund, and I empower riders and equestrian professionals to redefine success on their own terms. Leveraging my extensive experience in hunters, jumpers, and various equestrian disciplines, I offer a blend of performance coaching, life coaching, and business mentoring. My approach is not just about improving technique; it’s about nurturing a positive mindset, fostering deep connections with your horse, and embracing innovative strategies in your equestrian business.

Whether you’re an amateur rider, a seasoned competitor, or an equestrian entrepreneur, I tailor my coaching to fit your unique needs. My Unleashed Equestrian and Unleashed Professional Equestrian models are designed to unlock your potential by focusing on three core areas: mindset, foundational skills, and horse connection/thinking outside the box.

Discover a New Way of Equestrian Excellence

My coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a journey of personal and professional transformation. You’ll learn to:

Develop a deeper connection with your horse, moving beyond traditional techniques to a more intuitive understanding

Gain practical business insights and strategies to stand out in the equestrian industry.

Cultivate mental skills that enhance your confidence, reduce stress, and bring joy back into your riding and life.

Your Path to Unleashed Potential Starts Here

Embark on a journey that transcends traditional equestrian training. With a mix of clinics, personal coaching, group sessions, virtual lessons, and self-study programs, I offer a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your equestrian dreams.

Deepen Your Equestrian Connection: Free Mindful Mastery Series!

Master Riding with Mindfulness: Embark on a journey that transcends traditional riding techniques.

Connect with Your Horses: Learn how presence and awareness can transform your riding experience.

Ride with Awareness: Engage with techniques that promote a responsive and attuned partnership between you and your horse.

This series is not just about riding – it’s about discovering a new way of being with your horse. Join now and start your path to mindful equestrian mastery today!


Explore my comprehensive range of services at The Mindful Equestrian, uniquely combining coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting to enhance your equestrian journey in riding, business, and life.

Experience specialized clinics for hands-on learning or embrace flexibility with virtual riding lessons. Designed to complement your training program, these sessions focus on technique and mindset, offering personalized guidance.

Tailored coaching for riders at all levels, focusing on achieving individual goals, from leisurely rides to high-level competitions. Includes options for virtual and in-person sessions.

Innovative business and career coaching for equestrian professionals. Elevate your equestrian business with expert guidance on business plans, marketing strategies, and more.

Life coaching is specifically tailored for equestrians, focusing on personal growth, well-being, and overcoming unique equestrian lifestyle challenges.

Build confidence and enhance your training through our group coaching programs. Benefit from a supportive community, sharing experiences, and learning together.

Engaging talks and seminars on mindful riding, mental focus, horse training, barn management, and equestrian business topics. Available in-person or via Zoom.

What People Are Saying

Renee Stobie
Horse Heaven Stables
I can’t express how much Lisa has helped me grow my business, because of her I am so much more confident and comfortable in who I am as an instructor/professional business owner and what I have to offer. She has been a great resource, not only for improving my personal riding skills, but also that of my students. I frequently bring Lisa in for clinics, this allows her the chance to view my student’s progress/any struggles they are having. After conversation at the end of the sessions, she helps me come up with lesson plan to bring their riding to the next level or help them overcome mental road blocks. I also frequently reach out to Lisa to help me problem solve, when I am dealing with a difficult client situation. She helps me understand their point of view, but also verbalize my response to them in the way that will keep communication professional.
Abby S.
I decided to look into coaching because of an unpredictable life change that I felt would jeopardized the longevity of my current career in the horse industry. Before starting the process I felt a bit stuck and sightly overwhelmed at the thought of a career change. I was hopeful that maybe a couple coaching sessions would help guide me in the right direction. A couple of coaching sessions has turned into 3 years of coaching and I plan on many more! Lisa has helped me overcome and work through all the different things life can throw at you! The experience with Lisa exemplifies the profound impact that dedicated coaching can have on individual growth and the realization of one's full potential.
Joanna Novakovic
Cornell University Women’s Varsity Equestrian
I was looking to incorporate more mindfulness and sports psychology into my team training. I think the biggest think I took away as a coach was to focus on the learning mindset- no matter if things went as hoped or became more "learning moments" in the show ring. I now try to have my students focus first on the positive of their rides and instead of getting upset and hard on themselves (and myself, for that matter) when things aren't perfect, use that to see where to focus our training energies. I think the attitude in competitions is way better on all sides and the kids can get less stressed. I am less concerns with mistakes and try to help them figure out what skills they need to work on at home to improve performance. The most positive takeaway from the clinic was learning to create a positive mindset and learning focus. Being in the right headspace and being able to calm yourself is so important in riding. Everyone can benefit from a clinic with Lisa. I knew all of these things from my own psychology background, but it's so easy to forget when you're in a competitive environment, but when your focus stays on the process, you can never lose!
Karin K.
I contacted Lisa as I was feeling a great deal of anxiety about jumping. I started riding in my early 50s and had only been taking lessons a few years. I was feeling very anxious about jumping as I was riding at an eventing barn. Since working with Lisa I feel like I am listening more to the horse I ride in my lessons. There is truly no downside to the coaching especially as Lisa helps with mindfulness for broader application to life. She taught me also a lot about riding which was great, especially as a new rider. But I imagine for people riding throughout their lives, Lisa's skill set is so deep and vast that she is an asset to anyone interested in a more mindful approach to their riding and life. Lisa has such a pleasant demeanor, very caring and thoughtful. But she also makes you work to think through things that really helps when you are serious about mindfulness. It can't be delivered on a silver platter but if you work with Lisa, you will have a healthier mindset for riding and life in general.

Redefining equestrian excellence. 

As an equestrian performance coach with over 40 years in the equine industry, my approach blends classic hunter/jumper training with innovative mindfulness and performance coaching. I’ve crafted unique coaching models — The Unleashed Equestrian and The Unleashed Professional Equestrian — to empower riders and equestrian entrepreneurs to break from convention and carve out individual paths to success.

The Unleashed Equestrian model shifts riders from passive participants to active creators, transforming fears into opportunities and reframing mistakes as pivotal learning moments. It’s founded on three pillars: a resilient Mindset, refined Position/Technique, and a deep Connection with the Horse, each reinforcing the other.

For the business minded, The Unleashed Professional Equestrian model addresses the daunting challenges of equestrian entrepreneurship. From financial stress to marketing strategies, it builds on pillars of Sustainable Success Mindset, Efficient Business Foundations, and adaptive Outside-the-Box Strategies.

My personal evolution, marked by significant life challenges, has been a testament to the power of inner strength and adaptability. These experiences have deepened my mindfulness practice, reinforcing the value of presence and resilience — qualities I share with clients to navigate their transformative journeys.

I’m committed to continuous learning, applying fresh insights to avoid stagnation in teaching and coaching methods. This adaptability ensures my clients receive relevant, forward-thinking guidance. My deep understanding of both professional and amateur equestrian life forms the bedrock of my connection with clients, fostering growth in riding, business, and personal endeavors.

Join me in redefining equestrian excellence. Together, we’ll find the joy and connection that transcends the arena, nurturing a mindset and a practice that embraces change and celebrates every step of the journey.

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