The Mindful Equestrian 
Video Review Coaching

This is a wonderful offer for someone who wants some feedback on their riding but can’t make a clinic
or afford one on one coaching. It can be purchased as a stand-alone offering or be combined with one
on one coaching packages.

The Offering:

A video (up to 15 mins long) review with emailed coaching feedback on technique and mental focus. Each review will include the email feedback and the opportunity for the reviewee to a one time reply to Lisa Eklund’s email asking any questions in regards to the feedback. Lisa will reply in an additional email with feedback to these questions.

This offer is only available if you are over 18 years of age. For anyone under 18 ask your parent or guardian to sign up for you using their information.

The Benefits:

Affordable one on one coaching using a snap-shot of your riding and offering rider feedback on your riding and some ideas to create mindful changes. The reviews can assist you in making a plan for riding change and improvement. They can be used to supplement regular training plans or help the rider who rides at home on their own.


One video review and email feedback-$40: This includes the review of one video of a maximum 15 mins in length with the email feedback as described above.

Three video reviews and feedback-$110: This includes the review of three videos, each of a maximum 15 mins in length with the email feedback as described above for each video.

Six video reviews and feedback-$210: This includes the review of six videos, each of a maximum 15 mins in length with the email feedback as described above for each video.

Video reviews in conjunction with one on one coaching packages:

This is for the client who has already purchased a one on one coaching package. Ask Lisa directly the additional costs once in a coaching program.

The Process:

It is recommended that videos include clips from a variety of rides, including daily practice, lessons and any competitions or outings. Please upload them to YouTube setting the privacy to allow me access. You can choose to have the video public or private, allowing only me access. Once you have purchased the package, I will reach out to you with a rider information form so you can email me the YouTube link with a description of your riding history and what help you specifically need. I will then send you feedback, within 4 days, and you can reply with questions to my feedback. I will then reply with my answers to your questions.

If you purchase a package I recommend that you wait at least 1 week between each video and its feedback to make and send the next video. That will allow time for you to put into practice any suggested changes. Then you will get more benefit from the next videos and feedback.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you! Sign Up Today